Casa Canada Cuba | Welcome
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Casa Canada Cuba will be Canada’s cultural headquarters in Cuba, housed in a dedicated Canada-Cuba cultural centre. Casa Canada Cuba will be located in the heart of Havana’s old city and UNESCO World Heritage site, La Habana Vieja – one of the most mesmerising historic city centres in the world. It will serve as the cultural headquarters for over 1 million Canadians who visit Cuba annually and for Cubans interested in learning more about Canadian culture. Casa Canada Cuba will be the primary venue to host and showcase Canada-Cuba cultural collaboration projects (music, dance, literature, visual and culinary arts).

Stay tuned for updates as we take this project from idea mode into reality!

Strengthening our

  cross-cultural ties

Through deepened  collaboration in the arts, we will strengthen the

fabric that binds us together.


Cultural Programming




Check out the Blog tab to find out about the latest in Canada-Cuba musical collaborations.


From ballet to salsa, bolero to mambo, Cuban dance spans an expansive spectrum of expressions. Casa Canada Cuba is excited about the potential for cross-cultural collaboration in dance. Please reach out via the Contact page with your proposals. 

Art Exhibits

Casa Canada Cuba is seeking out the best in painting and scuplture collaboration projects. Please reach out via our “Contact” page.  


Cuban filmmaking has long held a prominent role in the history of cinema.  Casa Canada Cuba is seeking Canada-Cuba co-productions that exemplify the best of this long and storied tradition. We will be posting our favourite submissions on the “Friends” page. 

Culinary Arts

Canadian chefs looking to find the magic behind the perfect homemade congri? Poutine-lovers over the moon with a topping of Ropa Vieja? Upcoming blogs will highlight Casa Canada Cuba’s favourite culinary collaborations of the year. 

Literary Workshops  

Have a great short story to share following a recent visit to Cuba? Thoughts on favourite Cuban authors/books of all time? We’d love to hear from you and will post our favourite submissions on the “Friends” page. 


It’s hard to find a more photogenic place than Cuba. From the bustling streets of old Havana, to the remote hills of the Sierra Maestra, the island offers endless opportunities for seasoned photographers. Check out the “Friends” section for some of our favourite pics! 


We’d love to hear your ideas for cross-cultural collaboration projects and workshops in theatre. Please reach out to us via the “Contact” page with your proposals.  

latest news

Casa Canada Cuba founders are working hard to take this to the next stage, dreaming about turning the great potential into reality.

  • Cinco Negros Natural tells the story of a group of musicians named Los Fakires, who have played together for more than 30 years in a park in the sleepy Cuban town of Santa Cla

  • We are honoured that renowned New Brunswick-based artist, Frédéric Gayer, has agreed to present Casa Canada Cuba’s inaugural photography exhibit, available under the 

  • Casa Canada Cuba would love to hear about your favourite Cuban dishes and your top-rated paladares on the island. Please share your experiences via the contact page.

  • While walking around the casco historico, you’d be hard pressed to find a place where music isn’t in the air.